Excerpt from the book:

"The sun is rising in the sky
As you climb out of bed
Brush your teeth and get ready
For the new day ahead

Mommy walks with you to school
When breakfast is all done
A kiss goodbye, then hurry inside
You don't want to miss the fun

Sing songs, play games, eat and nap
You meet some new friends too
When the day comes to an end
Mommy always comes back to you"



Friends since medical school, Christine Yeung and Anna Liang are both practicing family physicians. They each have a family with two young boys, who are the inspiration for this book.  When the boys started preschool they wanted a book to help them with their feelings of anxiety.  They hope this book will help your child and become a favorite in your home.



Jason Lau is a one of a kind artist.  His artistry and style bring the story and characters to life and will make your little one pick up this book over and over again.